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– Lori in Altadena, CA
Parent of 6th grader.

That was great man, props. You are a great instructor. I’m actually taking the MCAT in a month and needed a refresher for what the actual process was without just dividing mentally and this was what I was looking for. Thankyou!

– Bill in New York, NY
Adult Student

Dude thanks so much when I need help I always come to you.


Thanks so much! these lessons are helping me study for exams so well, you do in 5 minutes what my teacher cant do in 5 weeks :) keep up the good work.

– Sam

I am an adult full time student at Shippensburg (PA) University and I cannot grasp even the basic abstract ideas of algebra. Even the well intentioned math tutors at the community college have not been able to help me… then I found you = excellent! I strive to comprehend such basic foundational ideas and you never once seem impatient with me – I appreciate your service!

– Anonymous
Shippensburg, PA